Monday, January 02, 2006

The Beginning

On another planet far, far away,
Where life prevailed like here
Green blue water rested on a white bay
And on it, stood a lonely seer.

He looked up high into the red of the sky
His arms were gold and dead.
“Forgive me, forgive us, make us undie!
Tis you who made us sin!” he said.

Crashing to the sand, he then realized
The end was near, it was time.
Then crashed his pain, sin and lies
His tears, soul and many minds.

The sky began to boil and simmer
Ready to drip into the seas
The dark of the red made him quiver, shiver,
Shudder the coming of release.

The human kind came at a lonely hour
When He felt all alone, marooned!
He had no one but Him, He was His lover
He was His friend, His foe, His doom.

He thought a while, which should've taken longer.
He thought a while and smiled.
He'd create a being which would want to conquer
All he saw and then beguile.

He will amuse and he will annoy
He will effect, without his cause
He will create, then he will destroy.
“Man! I create you!” And so he was.

“The pass-times of the Alpha! The Supreme Loner!”
Said the seer, as the sun went down.
“We will come again, we will hope and surrender.”
As the sky dropped onto the ground.

Time, Creation and Destructions later,
The seer, again, hoped. He, again, longed.
Sprang a new spring, a new season and nature.
But again, He was right. The seer was wrong.

I saw the seer again, screaming into air.
“Forgive me, forgive us, make us undie!
Tis you who made us sin!” he declared.
Crashing to the sand he cried.

The skies aren't wishing they had stayed.
The seas will eat more men.
Man kind will go, His longing will fade.
The seer will never cry again.