Sunday, April 08, 2007

Goodbye Max

Two years back, somewhere in the dusty alleys that run around Johnson Market, an egg hatched.

A little blue parakeet-ling stuck his head out and smiled at the world he was to share with the rest of God's funny imagination. I'm sure as hell that as soon as he broke out of his shell, he tipped it over and poked it with his nose, finally liking it enough to put his foot on it, holding it tight, like to say, 'Mine!'

My aunt picked him from a pet store in this bustling loud marketplace that brimmed with activity. She was looking for a little one. In a crowd of over ten little parakeets, she heard a tiny blue scantily feathered little chick yelp, pushing through the rest to chase a ball of hair.

She named him Max, and brought him home. Max was love at first sight for anyone who he met. He was playful, he was insane, and Max believed he was human.

A year back, Max was given to me to look after. I remember being extremely worried about my new responsibility and feeling very guilty everytime I stayed out leaving the blue wide eyed bird to stare alone into darkness the night through.

I decided to not love him. He was a bird. I mean.. not a dog.. not a cat.. a bird. And a micro tiny one at that. Max proved me wrong very soon.

One day, he sat on my head as I fed him. The next, he slept on my chest as I read.

Max did many things to show me it didn't matter if I didn't love him, because he did, regardless of whether I forgot to feed him, or change his water.

Max died today. I don't know how or why, but he was dead in his cage on his way to meet me after a long vacation I came back from.

I wish I could have him drink coffee from my mouth just another time. But I figure Max needed to go. He won't sleep on my chest again. And I'll miss that and him.

Goodbye Max.


Gutterflower said...

I'm sorry.
And I know what you're going through.
My cat died... a long time ago but it hurt.
It'll be okay.

Monolith... said...

Bye Max.
Wont be able to drink wine again without thinking of him!

He is now part of the great gig in the sky...just waiting for us to join him.

therapy said...

big hug:*

Rae said...

thanks guys. will miss my baby.

The Chosen Reject said...

I finally logged back into the blogging community but to a sad welcome.

Love you Max!

vichchoobhai said...

Birds have emotions just like us
I am reminded of the poem "The deep affections of the breast, that heaven to living things imparts, are not exclusively possessed by human hearts" and goes on to tell about a parrot from the Spanish Main brought over to the bleak domain of Mulla's shore and when a visitor from the Spanish Main comes and talks the language that is familiar to the parrot, he just flaps his wings in joy and falls down dead. So moving!

R.I. P Max