Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Things I Don't Get - II

So I still don’t get too many things. A friend under the influence of much too much cheap wine and The Simpsons’ reruns once told me, “You can either be happy or you can be intelligent.” Apparently, I’m happier now. Either that, or I’m sleepwalking my way to work everyday.

This city isn’t making any sense to me. Not the culture, not the intolerance, not the fact that everyone knows the directions to everywhere. And worse still, some more things I don’t get.

I don’t get the meaning of “Ya?”

So… what part of speech really is this? Who the hell ever thought this was a cool way to figure out if people were really listening?

“So, I was trying to crap, ya?”

Why it this a question? How the fuck do I know?!

I’ve had full blown conversations with this woman who says it like it’s a comma. And a full stop. And a capital. And the three dot thingy, the “…”. Not to forget the long 'yaaaaaaa…' when she’s trying to figure out what to say next. Honest to God, every time she asks/tells/demands a response, I have no clue what to say. So I finally gave in till we sounded like two ducks in a pond you threw popcorn at.

“Dad wasn’t gonna hear me out, ya?”
“So I told him to just let me live my life, ya?”
“So.. yaaaaaaaaah!”
“What are you yaaahing about?”
“I dunno, do ya?”

She doesn’t get me either, these days.

I don’t get music in lifts.

Really, I appreciate your concern. But I am NOT GOING TO KILL MYSELF OUT OF BOREDOM in those 15 seconds in the lift. What is with that?! And why, WHY Kenny G? Why polyphonic phone ring tones? And why, of all, the tune of BHAJANS????

I can imagine hoteliers supervising their restaurants being designed. They turn to their architects and interior designers and in that one moment of utmost malice and vengeance for all the soon to be broken glasses, the returned too salty-too old-this is not what I ordered dishes, the unflushed floaters on antibacterial crap-pots (another thing I don’t get, but will not bother talking about) smiling villainously and going, “Make the lift out of glass. Thin glass. Make it move sloooooow. And get my Anup Jalota tape from the car.”

Liftmen offsprings will evolve with smaller ear lobes. And have inflexible lips cos they don’t smile anyway.

I don’t get idioms in conversations.

I remember this ad that showed up in Bangalore a couple of years ago. It was like the copywriter found his inspiration in a Preeti Sagar’s Jargon Soup for a Chicken’s Soul.
It went thus.


The apple of your eye…Your home…. Being eaten like a MOTH.. Called GEYSER!”

And this was an ad for a solar heater. More shocking, this was an AD.

So maybe he didn’t put those idioms to good use. But why do people use idioms to talk to one another? I get it if you’re writing it, that’s a disease I too, have. But why when you’re TALKING??? Language evolved to communicate simple things.
Burp means “Thank you, that was delicious.”
A fart means “I’m comfortable around you.”

Simple sentences are ‘I want.’
I want food.
I want more food.
Gimme pizza.
Fuck off.

See? Simple. I understand these. Then my boss comes around and says this.

“Its like sex on toast, guys! Just do the biggie bag and turn over, ad the chicken’s done. No need to arm wrestle deadlines, just put an enema in the soup and we'll touch base later.”

Whatever, ya?


Joe said...

sex on toast?

where's that kitchen! lemme at it!

Monolith... said...

so...you ran it up a flag pole and now want to see if anyone salutes it.

No? Ya?

Rae said...

joe: my boss' place i think. or i have no idea what he was talkin abt.

Rae said...

mono: get joe's sex on toast, ya.

Just_me said...

oh yeah...!

Joe said...

Oh dear. not from your boss, i dont do bosses, i kill them.

your kitchen, perhaps?

Rae said...

joe: wer's that enema?
just_me: yeah, ya?
me: shut up.

Kman said...

I get you. (One of us is still blogging, yay!!) I remember that "Happy v/s Intelligent" thingy... A conversation long ago... And the NO!! NEVER!! does SO remind me of...me!!

Reshma said...

kman - its me! bat-nagar!!!

Monolith... said...

hey!! I'm Bat-nagar!!!

Scribbler said...


Visiting your blog after a long time...

Good one

keep it rollin ;)

Rae said...

k-man: fine, he's bat-nager. i'm just following you around trying to pronounce 'asiphyxation'.

mono: i play you and batnagar. for god's sakes i PLAYED FIVE ROLES@!!

Neers said...

So, did he or did he not?? I mean Touch Base??? :D

how base can you get?? :p

this was freaking funny!

Joe said...

enema?? you're givin it, i hope.

i can think of worse things, so go on, try me if you dare

vichchoobhai said...

Behenji Mumbai aane kebaad aap mumbaiya hindi aur mumbaiya engish bolne lagi

Kannada nadina kannada hudugiyarige Kannada bhasheyu maretuhoytu kannada culture antoo hogiye bittitu
Howdenalla amma?

Rae said...

unfortunately bro, i still don't speak kannada.

Screen Sifar said...

I actually happen to think that 'ya' is a very good proposition for conversation with people you cannot quite place on your rooster of already accepted relationships.So in order to get comfortable without getting too comfortable, or to get familiar without giving yourself away,there can be nothing more handy than the good ol, "See, it's like this ya".

Pankaj said...

wow, totally charmed by reading that. i think your problem with ya is a result of a misinterpretation. you assume a silent "h" at the end, while it is actually "r". yes, "yaa" is short for "yaar" not "yah", which is more of an affirmation or something. people say yaa instead of yaar because americans roll their Rs.

i agree with the idioms part for the most part, but there are exceptions, when you cant escape using them. in a moment of passion i once said to a girl "youre a tandoori chicken on a plate and im hungry" because there was no better way to express my feelings.