Friday, November 17, 2006

Anti, Matters.

I am very anti-drunk.
I hate their guts and the fact that they let themselves lose their mind over an inanimate glass of foul smelling rotten staple food of some third world country.

I hate the way they talk. How they develop an extreme urgency to let the world know who they are. How every sentence after Peg #3 and Excuse #57 must begin with "But, I.." And how every "I" will and must be stressed, italicized and underlined every single time because the listener must and should know who he/she is listening to.

I hate lone drunks, too.
I hate how they ridicule their existence by getting drunk staring at their ceiling/television/feet/computer screen/pets feeling miserable for needing to get drunk to kill time and find hope or scope for thought in being drunk staring at their ceiling/television/feet/computer screen/pets.

I'm probably also racist.
I am very anti-fairness cream advertising.
I hate how the dark girl is always rejected by the geeky looking, formal clothing clad bastard because she thinks he believes she's too plain. And he always looks like he'd rather marry her father. Or being fair to him, he probably hated the copious amounts of oil the director smeared on her face. Who'd want to marry an exhausted Arab oil ring?

No, that doesn't make sense. I'm very anti face wash.

I've just realised, I'm very anti, right now.

*Hic* to that.


Until..... said...

Hate leads to anger...anger leads to suffering... suffering leads to weakness....and eventually the dark side of the force...or something to that effect. Stop drinking so much.

vichchoobhai said...

Sorry Rae, I am not anti drunk. Dont we eat seafood which sm ells just as rotten, and relish it.

So what? Alcohol acts on those parts of the brain controlling critical faculties, hence one loses all inhibitions, boasts godawfully and thinks the world of himself and shouts it out from the table tops.

And why do u pity the Devdases? Leave them alone and they will come home, wagging their tails behind them. Staring at ceiling, tv/pc/feet/pets is a harmless pastime.

Ummm gimme Naomi campbell, as dark as they come, and i wont reject her. Only get out of the range of her fists of fury! And, an exhausted Arab oil rig is anyday better than an active one. No danger of oil spill!

therapy said...

Have another drink..La.

Oh, and call me, I'll have two.

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

*hic* did someone say something? *hic*

Anonymous said...

Sounds like u wrote it after a particularly bad i'm wrong about that..a lot of anger oozing out of that one!

Venom said...

:D When you're not so "Anti", maybe you should sit down with a couple o drunks! It can be pretty amusing too you know!