Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmassy Overpourings

Ho! Ho! Hahahahee.

It's Christmas Eve. Its also a friend's wedding, another's third exam day and one far-off inconsequential pretend-relative's death anniversary.

But Ho! Ho! HO!

Its also a friend's bithday eve. He's going to be 2039 years old, I'm presuming.

Jesus is a good friend. he's not like Kris (Krishna) is to me, the high-five, butt-smacking, fart contest kind of friend, but Jesus is a special friend, nevertheless.

His last birthday, I had put presents under a tree, made cards for others, recieved cards, drank myself silly and said a brief 'Hi' to the stars, hoping my poetic gesture would convey my regards to the resident of the heavens.

At dot twelve, I ran to the tree with my Christmas spirited friends and we all hugged and sang, "Merry Christmas!" like indisciplined children and opened our gifts in a frenzy.
"This is the best Christmas, ever!" we chimed in synchrony.

Then, I realised.

There was a gift was Renee, there was a gift for Max, Tory, for Kari, for Dada, for Stiffy, for Daisy, for Dolly and it made the tree very full and its decorators very happy.

There was no gift for the birthday boy.

Jesus was right there. I couldn't see him, but I'm sure he was, next to every Christmas tree or every well deserved corner for one in the world. I'm not sure if he smiled an 'Its ok!' or showed me the finger, but it stayed with me.

This Christmas, I'm excited. VERY EXCITED!
I've got my decorated tree, and I've presents under it, too. Amongst the lot of little boxes of gift that will be lost by the 25th December, 2007, there's a little chit I know my reciever will never lose.

It says,

"Dear Jesus,

I'm sorry I get carried away with the reds, greens and carols of celebrating your day every year. I know you wanted nothing from us in return for the love you've given us, too. But this year, I want to give you something. Not much, but a trinket of my appreciation for being who you are. I'm going to give you my trust and my love. I promise you that everytime something goes wrong, I'm going to do the best I can to better the situation, and then I'm going to believe in my love for you and trust you will tell me what to do next. And if I go wrong, I will not be angry with you or God.

Happy Birthday, Jesus.

I love you!"

I'm sure he'll love my present. And the poor guy really should get more.

Merry Christmas, everybody!!!!


Santosh said...

Honest and down to earth. I really like it.

Venom said...

Man!!!! That was so cool!! We need more people like you around...

Monolith... said...

Touching. And the true you.

Merry Christmas!! Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rum!!

uhhhh....there is something wrong with what I just typed but cant put my finger on it!!??

Anonymous said...

Great write up...but not one i've particularly enjoyed..i prefer the way u portray some of the realities of life..the feelings that we all go through but don really share..this one is nothin compared to anoxia ,nothing is nothing etc..Its a matter of taste i guess..but still well written!

therapy said...

Lets dress monolith up as santa, then go ask him for presents..

vichchoobhai said...

It is typical of u to point out things which are so obvious but not seen by us. Yes, no gifts for the birthday boy indeed!

Yes, your letter is a wonderful gift. But a greater gift to him w ould be to follow his preachings of being a good samaritan, loving your fellow beings and when someone slaps u on the cheek, turn the other cheek to him.

Anonymous said...

Great to see something positive after a long string of negative emotions..

It's easier to be bitter after bad experience(s).. but whats truly difficult is to tread through the troubling time and come out as unburnt as possible..

Keep the faith.

Anonymous said...

its unfortunate people forget jesus even on his birthday, may be 'cause he is the symbol of suffering and pain. People need something artificial way of spreading the spirit of christmas with the help of someone like Santa, wth fancy red suite and gifts. poor jesus after all the sacrifice he had to make, it seems like 25th dec is bad day to be born.

Anonymous said...

Soft and full of love for life ! My Christmas was great too. I was hidding at the stroke of 12 so that santa does not see me. And then there was a rustle and there were packages . Each package had more than the content inside, they had soul. I don’t remember I prayed but I prayed because there was a divinity in the presents. You can call it Jesus!

Rae said...

everyone seems to have had a great christmas!! guess that was the party. sitback and wait, i'm sure jesus' party favor's on its way!!